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Total area

   44 м2

Price for the house plan

     536 €

Fully constructed house

   from 18,852 €


Modular multifunctional family house. Ability to various house fronts with the same room arrangement. (house plan 04_1F_2SR1; house plan 04_1F_2SR2; house plan 04_1F_1SR) Tight deadlines. Can be upgraded to a second floor (house plan 04_2F_2SR). Can be build with two-slopes roof (house plan 04_1F_2SR1; house plan 04_1F_2SR2) or one-slope roof (house plan 04_1F_1SR). Possibility to execute as a low energy (passive house) - Energy Efficient Design. Ability to use a variety of interior and exterior materials depending on the client. Applicable are various structural systems (concrete, metal, wood and mixed) depending on the client.


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